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Dark Island

Dark Island

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717426
# ASIN (Kindle ebook): B0C59NVMFC

Can Liam escape the island before time runs out?

The two are the only human inhabitants, supported by a complex system of androids and artificial intelligence, which makes it all the more terrifying when Liam starts to experience visions that no one else can see. Not even the robots perceive the rift in the sky or the strange thunder that rocks the island to its core.

When Liam discovers a warning left by the previous island dwellers that the androids are dangerous, he realizes he will have to get himself and his mom back to the mainland. He enlists the aid of mysterious newcomer, Izzy, but soon learns that her sudden appearance isn’t the strangest thing about her. She knows more about the island than she lets on. She says Liam should trust her, but is she more dangerous than the malfunctioning androids?

Black Mirror meets Westworld in this action-packed adventure by P. J. Hoover!