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The Hidden Code

"Truly captivating moments as Hannah and her companions decipher artifacts, maps, and clues, conveying the thrill of chase when researching ancient legends."
School Library Journal

"This fast-paced adventure is sure to be enjoyable to both middle school and early high school students."
School Library Connection

"With nods to archaeological adventures like Indiana Jones, Hannah's journey features intermittent excitement and dips into intriguing myths and history."

How far would the quest for the truth take you?

Eleven years ago, Hannah Hawkins' parents disappeared while traveling abroad. Presumed dead, Hannah and her uncle are shocked when a letter from her mom arrives right after Hannah's sixteenth birthday. By piecing together cryptic hints from the note and other clues left behind, Hannah realizes her parents disappeared while trying to find the mysterious Code of Enoch. An artifact they believed could hold the key to curing disease--or creating it--Hannah's parents had been determined to destroy the Code, no matter the cost. Now with the help of her uncle, her best friend, and another cute but not entirely trustworthy guy, Hannah sets out to discover what happened to her parents and if the Code of Enoch is real.


Awards and News

*** Texas Lone Star Reading List Nominee ***

*** Spirit of Texas Reading List Nominee ***

*** Cybils Awards Nominee ***


"Heist Society meets The Da Vinci Code in PJ Hoover's latest YA novel. Fans of Ally Carter's books, or Maggie Hall's "The Conspiracy of Us" series, will enjoy this fast-paced thriller complete with cracked codes, missing persons, and an annoyingly hot travel companion who could end up being the boyfriend--or the bad guy." --Liz Friend, Texas Lone Star reading list committee

"Vastly entertaining, this action-packed adventure is a perfect combination of Nancy Drew type sleuthing, Indiana Jones type archeological adventure, Neal Stephenson linguistics, with a dollop of Da Vinci Code cryptography for good measure...Hoover, author of the Tut books for younger readers, has penned another fascinating, page-turning, adventure rich in myth and history. I can't wait for this to be out to share with readers." --Diana Tixier Herald, Librarian, Genrefluent.com

"A fresh, fast-paced YA adventure that would make Indiana Jones proud: action, suspense, a little history, and just the right amount of romance. Grab some popcorn, but follow Hannah's lead and be careful who you trust." --Diane Hance, Texas Lone Star reading list committee

"Perfect for fans of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, The Hidden Code plunges readers into a globe-trotting quest with a strong, dauntless heroine who never gives up and never gives in. I can't wait to join Hannah Hawkins on her next adventure." --Dana Hutchins, Librarian, Jackson Middle School, San Antonio, Texas

"I loved, loved, loved this smart, brave girl's adventure filled with science, ancient mysteries and heart! It will be the next new thing for NErDy teens everywhere! Catch your breath, The Hidden Code will sweep you away in a compelling ancient mystery, across the world and beneath it to find the code to life itself with everything you want in an adventure--scary bugs, a bit of intrigue, and just enough romance to whet your appetite for more!" --Michelle Beebower, Librarian, Austin Public Library

"Once you start this exciting, dangerous adventure you will not want it to end!" --Cheryl Michulka, Librarian, Westview Middle School, Pflugerville ISD

"A must-read for fans of Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, or The Da Vinci Code! When I finished the book, I only had one question: How long do I have to wait for book 2???" --Debbie VanZandt, Librarian, Tuloso Midway High School, President of Teen Bookfest by the Bay Planning Team

"Hoover's splendid adventure--beautifully researched and rendered--will keep readers on the edges of their seats and will inspire them to make their own adventures. The combination of a charming, bright protagonist, intricate family dynamics and a budding romance with faraway locales and spine-tingling risks make for a page-turning read!" --Laura Stiles, Librarian, Canyon Vista Middle School, Round Rock ISD and Austin Community College, member Texas Library Association Topaz Reading List Committee

"The Hidden Code is a wild ride of adventure and emotion with twists and turns to the very end." --Amanda Galliton, Librarian, Burkburnett Middle School

"Everyone loves a puzzle, and The Hidden Code is full of them. It is like reading your way through an 'escape room' that you never want to leave. It is a page turning adventure with suspense, romance, and surprises at every turn." --Angela Seigrist, District Librarian, Tidehaven ISD

"Linguistics, genetics, cryptography, and art add up to one sharp mystery in The Hidden Code. Hannah Hawkins and her crew will lead you on an Indiana Jones style adventure to the depths of the earth and beyond! For fans of National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code, and Tomb Raider." --Amy Toombs, Librarian, T.A. Howard Middle School, Mansfield ISD

"A hidden code that unlocks a secret that could save or destroy mankind. It must be protected at all costs--and the cost is high. The Hidden Code by P. J. Hoover is an exciting journey into unknown territory. A fast paced adventure that will keep you guessing until the very end." --Kate DiPronio, Retired Librarian, Past Chair of TASL

"A thrilling, fast-paced story that grabs your attention before the end of chapter one. Perfect book for parents and kids to share an adventure together. Think Journey to the Center of the Earth meets The Da Vinci Code. You won't be disappointed." --Morgan LeFevre, Librarian, Ford Middle School, Allen ISD

"One thing is certain, Hannah and her friends, Ethan and Lucas, will stop at nothing to discover the truth about her parents and the secrets of the mysterious artifact... The Hidden Code will take you on an adventure to rival those of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. Join Hannah, Ethan, and Lucas for this exciting and dangerous quest." --Kay Hawkins, Librarian, Curtis Middle School, Allen ISD

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# ISBN-13 (hardcover): 978-1944821913
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