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Game of the Gods

A Broken Truce

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A Broken Truce (Game of the Gods Book 1)
When Edie's parents are killed, it is only the beginning of her reality slipping away. After her brother Thomas is taken from her, Edie is forced on a journey toward a destination that has no explanation in the real world.

Along the way, Edie meets Cole, and together, along with a group of other kids their exact same age, they are forced into a game of the gods, entering the labyrinth, a virtual reality landscape. It's a battle for the ultimate prize: the power of the gods, if the gods actually exist. The labyrinth not only turns Edie and her friends against each other, it reflects the worst of themselves back. Everyone wants to win. Only one can survive.

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717068
# ASIN (Kindle ebook): B07L611VCT

A Ruined Land (Game of the Gods Book 2)
The Game has only just begun. When Edie and Cole escape the labyrinth, they think the game is over. The truth changes everything. The labyrinth is only one of many simulations created by the gods. Even worse, Owen has been freed also, transported to a new virtual reality arena with even deadlier challenges.

The new simulation promises the winner a key to the main control room, where they will not only be able to program the VR worlds, they'll have access to the real world, too. They can remake it to fit their vision. Owen's vision is to destroy the world, and Edie and Cole need to stop him. The only way to do so is to enter the new VR arena. Monsters aren't the only obstacles they find inside.

It's a new game with new rules, and everything is deadly.

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717112
# ASIN (Kindle ebook): B07NSF3LCG

A Buried Spark (Game of the Gods Book 3)
One Final Chance Remains. The hope for the world has never looked more grim. Edie and Taylor are stranded at the boundary of the Nether Zone with no way to enter. Owen has a huge head start on finding the key and gaining control of the worlds, both virtual and real. And Cole is gone, leaving with Pia, making clear his true feelings for Edie. But Edie is not willing to give up, not so long as there is still a chance to save the world.

Edie and Taylor have the Oculus which gives them the ability to see through the many layers of the simulation. They set out to find the key, but unknown to them, they’re being hunted by a threat more deadly than anything they’ve seen so far in the game. This predator has powers they’ve never dreamed possible and never prepared for.

One mistake could cost everything.

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717105
# ASIN (Kindle ebook): B07WN8YGJ7