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Deadly Decisions

Deadly Decisions: Into the Woods

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# ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-1949717358
# ASIN (Kindle ebook): B0BLMGMRY4


It's been four years since you've seen your best pals from high school. Four years since the graduation that sent you on your own separate paths. Now it's time to get together for a fun camping trip. Pack your bags. It's going to be a killer weekend!

* * *

You've seen the movies. Five teenagers venture into a haunted house on a dare. Only one of them comes out alive. The others die horrible grizzly deaths, each while trying to get to safety. Except in their attempts to escape, they do the exact opposite of what they should do. You scream at them. You tell them not to do it. And yet they do. And they die. If only they had listened. Good news. Now it's your chance. You get to make the choices. You get to try to stay alive. Here's one thing to keep in mind though. In the movie, four out of five don't make it out alive. The odds are against you. You've been warned.