"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" —Queen
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PJ Hoover Read Tut?
Think you have a pretty good memory?
Want to challenge yourself?

Then you're in the right place.
Take the Tut quiz and see how well you do!

The Questions

>>>Download a printable PDF here.

Eye of Horus 1) What is the spell Tut tries to use in his tomb?

2) What is the name of Tutís favorite Shabti?

3) Which son of Horus works at a funeral home?

4) What is the name of Horusís cat girlfriend?

5) What does Henry wear t-shirts supporting?

6) What is the name of Tutís World Cultures teacher?

7) What is the name of the funeral home Tut visits?

8) What is the take-out place Henry gets hamburgers from?

9) What is inside the pizza box delivered to Tutís townhouse?

10) In what neighborhood in Washington, D.C. is Tutís townhouse?