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Scavenger Hunt

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PJ Hoover Read Tut and want to learn secrets about future books?
Love Minecraft?
Think ancient Egypt is cool?

Then you're in the right place!

The TUT Minecraft Scavenger Hunt is a great way to keep the adventure going. And you can even score some cool stuff, too!

How it works:

* Logon to the TUT Minecraft server.
* Visit the places listed below on the Minecraft server.
* Find the secret word(s) hidden at each place.
* Piece together the words to uncover a secret teaser for future books!
* Email me your solution.
* If you include your snail mail address, I'll mail you a set of signed postcards for my books (US/Canada only please)!

*** The TUT Minecraft server is currently offline ***

The Questions

>>>Download a printable PDF here.

Eye of Horus Places you should look for the secret word(s)*:

1) King Tutís Tomb

2) The Great Pyramid of Giza

3) Bes Stadium

4) Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

5) Lincoln Memorial

6) Library of Congress

7) Inside the Reflecting pool

8) Tutís townhouse

9) King Tutís palace

10) Washington Monument

* Type /warp in the Minecraft world to see a list of warps


Don't forget to include your address if you want me to mail you a signed set of postcards (US/Canada only please)!

Email your solution to:


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