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Hey! King Tut here, and if you've finished the book Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life then you probably figured out that I am immortal. True, you could have figured that out just by reading the title, but where is the fun in that? So what is immortal? Well, it means living forever, and that's a mighty long time. I've had lots of practice so far. Three thousand years give or take a few hundred. In the event you're ever thinking about becoming immortal, here are some of my best tips for making the most of your eternal life.

Maybe the most important tip for a happy immortal future is having lots of hobbies. And when I say lots of hobbies, I mean hundreds and hundreds of hobbies. Always wanted to learn to play the violin? Now is the perfect time. How about solving the Rubik's cube? Or becoming a kung fu master? With so much time on your hands, there is nothing you can't become the best in the world at doing.

Let's face it. Having money solves many of life's simple needs. Like food. And shelter. And that new pair of running shoes you are just dying to have. If you want extra time to spend on all your hobbies, you're going to need cash so you don't have to worry about the basic necessities. The key to making money as an immortal is to think long term and to be consistent. One day a month, take something that you consider valuable and bury it. This can be a gold coin, a piece of modern art, or even a Tickle Me Elmo doll. I suggest marking the location on a carefully guarded map. Guess what? In one hundred years, your modern art is now an antique. Your gold coin has quadrupled in value. And people will sell their firstborn in order to get the Elmo doll.

Guess what? It is a big world out there. And you, now being immortal, can see all of it. You can follow summer around the world. You can climb the Himalayas, searching for the Abominable Snowman. You can search for the lost continent of Atlantis. And since money will never be a problem for you, you can do all this while traveling first class.

Simply, don't be a jerk. If you make enemies while traveling to a foreign country, it could be centuries before you can show your face there again. Learn the languages where you travel (starting with “Thank you”), don't overstay your welcome, and always clean up after yourself.

You have lots of money. You have lots of time. Don't become a collector of junk. The last thing you want to do with all your time is drag around some ridiculous number of possessions from one place to the next. Set a limit for yourself, like one knick-knack each place you go, and stick to it. The shabtis will thank you.

Hope you enjoy immortality!

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