"My name is Nobody." —Homer, The Odyssey
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Make a Lotus Flower

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PJ Hoover

*** The complete curriculum for Homer's Excellent Adventure can be found and downloaded here. ***

Introduction / Purpose of the Program
Students will make a lotus flower. These flowers can be used alone or decorate for the museum or in a commercial for the Island of the Lotus Eaters.

Detailed Description of the Program
The templates provided can be printed on colored paper, or have students color or paint them. Once decorated and cut out:
* curl the ends of the petals up with a pencil on all flowers
* Put glue in the center of the larger flower
* Place the next size down in the middle of the larger flower so that the petals do not line up with the larger flower
* Repeat these steps until the flower is complete

List of Supplies
Colored pencils
Colored paper
Lotus template (Extra petals are there to use by themselves or to create leaves.)
Paint brushes
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
Optional for 3D flowers: clay, wire, paper mache, pipe cleaners, 3D printer and supplies, 3D printer software (Tinkercad.com)

Make a Large Flower
Origami Lotus Flower

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