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Coaching, Mentoring, Critiquing, Publishing

"P. J. Hoover's involvement was a big boost for my writing. She identified the urgency of my main character's story and pushed me to bring that forward. Helped me to think about what my characters should be feeling so readers could connect more with their emotions. I highly recommend her."
-- Jonathan Sayer, young adult author

"Inspiration and style are necessary to writing but aren't the whole story. Stories have structures. They have antagonists. They need more 'show' than 'tell'. They must engage the reader. P. J. has opened my eyes to the craft and business of writing for children. Always positive and supportive, her guidance has been the force that's made my stories come alive!"
-- Kathy Sutphin, chapter book author

"[PJ] took a sincere interest in my book and characters and made it feel like a real creative collaboration. Would absolutely hire her again!"
-- Reedsy client

"I had high hopes and expectations for the editorial assessment that I signed up for. [PJ] exceeded all of them."
-- Reedsy client

PJ Hoover Thank you so much for you interest in working with me. I would love the opportunity to work with you, whether on brainstorming, publishing, coaching, mentoring, critiquing your work, or self-publishing your book. As my client, we'll work together to come up with the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Whether your goals are to publish with a large publishing company or self-publish your story or possibly something in between, I would love the chance to support you in getting you on the right path for success. Every single person out there has a different path, and there should be enjoyment and fun (along with lots of hard work) when determining and following this unique path.

Examples of services I provide:
  • Critique specific pages of your manuscript or your entire manuscript. The level of critiquing desired will be up to you, whether this be a detailed line edit or a more broad overview.
  • Critique your query letter and/or synopsis
  • Work through plot issues and overall brainstorming holes
  • Provide advice on agents and editors who may be a nice fit for your work
  • Help lay out a roadmap for your publishing career, whether this be traditional publishing, small press, or self publishing
  • Layout your book for self-publishing (print and ebook formats)
  • Brainstorm out-of-the-box marketing ideas for your work
  • Create a marketing plan for your book release
  • Offer advice on school visit and other public speaking events content and preparedness. I can help you come up with an amazing school visit presentation!

Billing and costs:
I bill by the hour and provide a transparent receipt of my time to avoid unexpected surprises. How you decide to use any time you contract from me will be determined by you.

About me:
My name is P. J. (Tricia) Hoover, and I'm the author of over twenty books for people of all ages published through a variety of means (traditional publishing, small press, self publishing, pseudonyms). I am actively involved in the Austin writing community and have taught classes and participated in panels for many organizations such as the Writers' League of Texas, The Writing Barn, Austin SCBWI, and the Texas Book Festival. My books have been selected for state lists both in and outside of Texas. For the last eight years, I have also participated as a judge in various writing contests. I have been critiquing manuscripts since 2008 and am always excited to offer feedback.
A note on my feedback: I won't hold back on my thoughts, as I think honest feedback is very important for writers to grow and learn.

Please contact me and let's talk!
You can also FIND ME ON REEDSY.