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So I wrote this game in Pascal back in 1990 in college for my Artificial Intelligence class. I'm pretty sure my floppy disk went bad, so I re-created it in SCRATCH!

WARNING: Map below!
If you don't want to see the map, then don't scroll down too far.

A quick tip for playing: Make your own map.

Another quick tip: If you enter a room and there is something there, DON'T MOVE until you know what it is! You could die!

If you want a wee bit of extra help, turn on cheat codes by pressing "y" at any time. Turn them off the same way. Cheat codes will show you which room you are in (current_room) and which rooms the loot is in, too.

QUEST 1: Retrieve the KEYS
Find the Keys to be able to pass through the HALL OF LOST SOULS unharmed.

QUEST 2: Retrieve the WAND OF MERLIN
Find items in this order:
1) Sleeping Potion (anywhere)
2) Ghost of Merlin (in tower). DON'T MOVE! Type "p" to use the Sleeping Potion on him.
3) Wand of Merlin (in tower)

QUEST 3: Defeat the EVIL WIZARD and Retrieve the SWORD EXCALIBUR
Find items in this order:
1) Complete QUEST 1 (above)
2) Evil Wizard. DON'T MOVE! Type "w" to use the Wand of Merlin on him.
3) Sword Excalibur (in room beyond Evil Wizard)

QUEST 4: Defeat the GUARDIAN and Retrieve the SHIELD OF KING ARTHUR
Find items in this order:
1) Ruby Ring
2) Guardian. Type "r" to use the Ruby Ring on him.
3) Shield of King Arthur (in room beyond Guardian)

Find the Magical Crystal.

Watch out for:
* The Hall of Lost Souls: Get the keys or this room WILL KILL YOU! It's on the upper level.
* The Pit of No Return: Like a trapdoor, except you die. Watch for the warning signs. It's on the main level.
* Trapdoor 1: A one-way trip to the dungeon. It's on the main level.
* Trapdoor 2: A one-way trip to the dungeon. It's on the upper level.

If you are a SCRATCH user and you want to follow me on SCRATCH, my userid is triciajh.

Okay, the maps for the various rooms are below. Have fun :)

The Main Level
The Dungeon
The Upper Floor
The Tower

The Main Level

Be careful to remember where the exit is. Once you go through it, the game is over!
Watch out for the trapdoor!

Main Level Map

The Dungeon

Dungeon Level Map

The Upper Floor

Upper Level Map

The Tower

Tower Level Map